About the illustrator

Monica is a doodler. She recently  graduated with a degree in molecular, cell and developmental biology from the University of California Santa Cruz. She aims to combine her scientific and artistic worlds as illustrated in this book. She loves traveling, ocean swimming and cooking the best fried rice ever!

Another Review

Received the book today and read it to the kids tonight before bed tonight. They absolutely loved it, as did I! Congratulations on a wonderfully educational and fun book.

First Kid’s Review

Hi Paul –

Your book is great! I like everything about it. I have read so many kid books I should say I’m a expert at this point! Haha! Now for the real critic. Aiden says the book is good and he likes it. Coming from a five year old that is a stunning review!! The most important thing is he recognized some sea creatures and even asked questions about the book! That is very rare indeed! Good job and thank you for the book!

Based on a true story

This book is based on a true story.  Monterey Bay is a Marine National Sanctuary so interaction with marine life is a frequent occurrence. This teaches how interconnected we are to our marine cousins like dolphins, whales and seals.