Another 5 Star Review!

This is a really cute book. I couldn’t find anything wrong with this book at all. I love the time warps throughout the book. This is the first children’s book that I know of that does that. I like that it does that though. I think it adds some color to the story. I fully recommend this book to parents out there to pick up for their children.

My 5 year old boy loved this book…..

he followed the story line, because it was simple. It’s about a surfer who has a secret surfing spot where he also meets a seal. My son got excited over some of the colorful pictures. Very cute & fun book for a child.

***** An adorable, meaningful and enjoyable story!

I have a background in early childhood education and development, and have worked with children for years now. A huge part of that work has involved trips to the library, story times, and other reading centered activities. Books are such a wonderful way to expose children to the plethora of fascinating things in this world.  In all my perusing and reading of children’s books, I have found amazing ones that kids just love, across the board (and that I have enjoyed as well), books that are so-so, and books that are downright terrible (and leave me confused as to how they were ever published, especially for kids!)  This book falls in the amazing category. The children I have read it to have all absolutely loved it. It is an enjoyable and easy read, with adorable and bright illustrations. The book appeals to many ages and it opens up a great dialogue about the ocean and our connection to nature.  I live in a beach town and the kids immediately wanted to take a trip down to the tide pools and were asking about learning to surf.
Many educational extensions can be created from this book (example: after reading talk about what each child’s favorite ocean creature is, or educate on ways to help keep the ocean clean so all of the animal residents can be happy and safe, maybe even organize a beach clean-up..also, ocean arts and crafts).  This is truly a warm, bright, and happy story that is an enjoyable read for all involved! Highly recommend 🙂